Женская имперсонация графа Дракулы (с) (acantharia) wrote,
Женская имперсонация графа Дракулы (с)

В храм нашего бога Бо Гэ на Пинтересе приперлись борцуны против абортов и принялись разбрасывать пропагандистские листовки:

"From the moment of conception, a unique strand of HUMAN DNA is formed that has never, ever existed before and will never, ever exist again. You are uniquely you from conception. Click today to support the Life at Conception Act and help us overturn Roe v. Wade and defend the unborn HUMAN lives"

Но, видимо, в храме бога Бо Гэ сосредоточено мировое зло, поэтому последовал незамедлительный ответ:

"That doesnt change the fact that every human INCLUDING THE PREGNANT WOMAN has bodily integrity. That means no person can use your body for any reason without your permission. If the fetus is a person it needs permission to use another person's body. The other person is under no obligation to say yes. The right to say no is the essence of bodily integrity & bodily integrity is the basis of every right you have as a human.
Do you think people should be forced to donate organs or blood? Probably not. What if the other person will die without the use of your body? Your answer is probably still no, they don't have the right to force the issue. So why does a fetus have more rights than any born person & why does a pregnant woman have less rights?"

Я бы сказала, аргументация сторонников абортов никогда не была так сильна и концентрирована.
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    А я стала хозяйкой Медной Горы кафедры зоологии позвоночных. Спасибо всем, кто меня уже поздравил =)

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    Кстати, поздравляю всех с днем выхода жизни в космос!

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    Всех с Новым Годом!!!

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